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What's Your Bra Style?

Let's break down the different bra styles and find the right fit for YOU! 

With so many different types of bras offering variations of the same thing, it's hard to really know what you want. We break it down into a comprehensive style guide with the ABCs (to DD’s) to find your perfect bra fit.  

Balconette Bra 

illustration of a balconette bra

A great option for those lower-cut tops, a balconette bra sits lower on the neck and wider on the shoulders, offering a natural and flattering fit.  

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Bandeau Bra 

illustration of a bandeau bra

The bandeau bra is a tube-shaped bra and is usually made from a stretchy fabric and with elastic strap on the top and bottom, which is what keeps the bra from shifting so it offers maximum support and firmness. 

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Double Boost Bra  

illustration of a double boost bra

Taking the push up bra to another level, the double boost bra adds two cup sizes for a voluptuous silhouette and maximum cleavage – boosting your bust and your confidence.  

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DD+ Bra 

illustration of a dd+ bra

Specifically designed for full-busted ladies and wear tested by real women, our DD+ bras offer more support, more coverage, thicker straps, additional hook and eyes and don’t compromise on style.  

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Full Coverage Bra 

illustration of a full coverage bra

The full coverage bra is designed to cover almost all of your breast tissue. For those wanting to eliminate breast spillage, this style offers a natural silhouette with excellent support.  

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Long Line Bra  

illustration of a long line bra

A long line bra is perfect for creating a smooth line under your outfit. The wide band provides extra support as well as subtle shaping and less bulging on the back.  

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Non-Padded Bra  

illustration of a non-padded bra

Offering a beautiful, natural silhouette, a non-padded bra gets its support and shape from its cut and sew pattern and is perfect for those wanting the bra-free feel.  

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Push Up Bra  

illustration of a push up bra

For those looking for a little extra lift, the pushup bra has strategically placed padding that emphasises cleavage pushing the breasts upward and makes the most of your assets.  

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Plunge Bra 

illustration of a plunge bra

A flattering cut, the plunge bra offers a subtle and natural lift while minimizing gaping. With excellent support and cut low at the centre, this style is a must-have solution for a plunging neckline.  

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Strapless Bra 

illustration of a strapless bra

Every woman needs a strapless bra in her life. The ultimate in versatility and can be worn in multiple ways under almost any outfit. This style gets extra support from the band.  

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T-Shirt Bra  

illustration of a t-shirt bra

Your everyday staple. Reliable and comfortable, the perfect t-shirt bra should have you feeling supported as you go through your day, no matter what life throws at you. It’s supportive, smooth and goes with almost everything (the exception being wide and strapless necklines) making it the perfect everyday bra.  

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Wire Free Bra 

illustration of a wire free bra

The myth of needing an underwire for support is well and truly busted (excuse the pun). Boasting extreme comfort and natural shape, wire-free bras get their extra support from a wider band.  

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