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Sustainability at Kayser

Shipping & Handling

Over the past few years at Kayser Lingerie, we’ve reduced our plastic use by almost 80%. On the distribution side of things, there are no individually wrapped products shipped from factories, dramatically reducing our consumption of single use poly bags. Bulk orders are now shipped in large recycled/biodegradable poly bags instead and we use recycled tissue paper and cardboard when packing our orders for customers!

Kayser Lingerie cardboard packaging stacked in a doorway

The Benefits of Plants

In an effort to filter out the air of carbon dioxide, we’ve placed plants around our office space. Plants not only beautify and uplift the atmosphere of our workspace but in air-conditioned offices they reduce about 10% of the carbon dioxide. Buildings without AC can benefit from a nearly 25% decrease in C02 throughout the office. Plants in the office have resulted in reducing stress and anxiety around the office, while indoor plants use harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide for their photosynthesis, reducing toxins and indoor air pollutants. The indoor greenery has a health benefit in that it releases oxygen to the atmosphere, thereby boosting a healthy working environment for employees.


Plant sitting next to computer monitor on desk

Eco Conscious Lingerie

Over the past few seasons, we've been looking into making our lingerie more sustainable - from organic cotton bikinis and hi cut briefs to a whole sustainable line of beautiful bras in the Cares Collection! The challenge in sustainable lingerie is finding fabrics that are soft and irritation free (it's going to sit on delicate skin after all!) but it also needs to stretch, support and mould to create a great fit! We're extremely proud of our Cares Collection (including a beautiful Balconette Bra)- made from 90% pre consumer waste (that means trimmings from manufacturer waste that would have otherwise been thrown out!) that's given new life and repurposed into something useful, rather than being trashed. We also have soft Modal Mid Rise Briefs, Boylegs and Full Briefs which are a beautiful alternative to other fabrics as they us much less water in the fabric-making process than other fibres!Or the Next Level Lyocell CamiFull Brief Mid Rise Brief, which are maid out of sustainable lyocell and are oh so soft and comfortable!

Cares - made from 90% pre-consumer waste

The little things that make a BIG difference!

In today’s world, we are finding ourselves asking the question, “What can I do to make a difference?” Whether you’re using a keep cup for your daily coffee, or saying no to a plastic bag, every little bit is a step in the right direction. We know we’re not perfect but we strive to reduce our footprint on the environment and give back to the community where we can. It’s time to be a conscious consumer - start shopping with brands that are choosing to make the right steps toward a healthier planet. Less plastic, less waste and a whole lot more thought.


Pottery For The Planet - pink and white reusable cup