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Know Your Knickers!



Have you ever been confused by all the different cuts of underwear?
Let us break it down for you! 


Types of knickers


We've managed to break our range down to 9 basic cuts and if
we're honest with you, lots of underwear falls into multiple categories!

Our three biggest factors? 

1. Tum Coverage - low rise, mid rise and high rise refers to
how high they sit on you waist, the higher the rise, the more tum

2. Bum Coverage - from a String Gee to a Full Coverage, different
cuts have different levels of cheekiness! (Our favourite is a Brazilian
Cut which gives the perfect peachy shape!)

3. Hip coverage - Where your underwear sits on your hip or how
wide the waist band is can dramatically change your silhouette and
flatter or un-flatter depending on your shape!

But a picture tells a thousand words so hopefully by the end of this
article, you'll know what bum, tum and hip coverage is right for you! 



Bikini undies

Tum - low rise
Bum - high coverage
Hip - low width

By far the most common type of underwear, the bikini is a classic,
everyday shape that covers most of the your cheek and sits low on
the waist. Check out our new Be You Bikini!



Mid-rise underwear

Tum - medium rise
Bum - high coverage
Hip - medium width

Half way up to your waist, a Mid Rise Brief sits above that
troublesome “muffin top” area, smoothing out your silhouette and
adding comfort. We love the Amy Mid Rise




Full briefs


Tum - high rise
Bum - high coverage
Hip - high width

It’s all in the name with this one. The ultimate in comfort, if you want
to cover the bum and the tum, our full coverage ‘Nanna’ knickers are
for you. We love the Classic Lace Full Brief!


GEE (also known as a Thong or a G-String)


Gee / g-string / thong


Tum - low rise
Bum - no coverage
Hip - low width

The ultimate in achieving the invisible panty line under tight fitting
pants or dresses, the Gee is flexible on waist height and offers no
coverage on the cheek. Our ultimate gee? The Pure Cotton Gee!




Cheeky Brazilian cut


Tum - low rise
Bum - low coverage
Hip - low width

A cheeky take on the classic bikini cut, the Brazilian is cut high over
the cheeks to give your bum the perfect peachy shape. We're famous for our Brazilian Bikini!




Boyleg underwear


Tum - low rise
Bum - medium coverage
Hip - medium width

Sitting low on the waist and a little cheeky on the bum, the Boyleg is
wider on the hip than your classic bikini, which smooths out your
silhouette. The Pure Cotton Boyleg is FAB!




Women's short underwear


Tum - low rise
Bum - medium coverage
Hip - high width

Sitting low on the waist and wide on the sides, the Short gives extra
coverage around the upper leg and smooths out your silhouette. Check out our best selling Brazilian Short!




Hi cut underwear


Tum - medium rise
Bum - medium/high coverage
Hip - low width

Similar to your classic bikini, a Hi Cut Brief sits a little higher on the
waist as well as higher on the leg line - offering freedom of
movement and a flattering silhouette. Check out our best selling Cotton & Lace Hi Cut Brief!




Absorbency underwear


Tum - medium rise
Bum - high coverage
Hip - medium/high width

Leak proof, laugh proof, jump proof and sneeze proof, These briefs have a low
profile padding to catch the splash. washable and absorbent, they are nothing to
blush about! We love the lace on our Lace Top Absorbency Boyleg!