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Lyocell: Why so Fabulous?

Sustainable Never Felt (Or Looked) So Good!


Next Level Lyocell. Sustainability never felt so good.

Wtf is Lyocell?

Lyocell is such an incredible material! Why? Fist of all, it's a biodegradable product so it won't be on this planet for longer than we are! The manufacturing process doesn't produce harmful chemicals (to your health OR the planet) and the main ingredient (cellulose) is obtained from the wood pulp from the Eucalyptus, Oak or Birch tree - which don't require and irrigation or pesticides to grow!


Soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable

Soft, breathable, lightweight & comfortable!

With an almost suede-like softness, lyocell is super smooth to touch, soft on the skin and drapes beautifully! Trust us, you won't want to take it off!


Smooth, elastic and resistant to wrinkles

Smooth, stretchy & resistant to wrinkles!

Now, we're not saying you go around ironing your underwear... but if you did, Lyocell is resistant to wrinkles so you won't need to iron the Next Level Lyocell collection! Time? Saved. Energy? Saved. Also, having a naturally stretchy fabric means less synthetics in the world!


Antibacterial & moisture wicking

Antibacterial & moisture wicking!

Lyocell has greater moisture absorption than other fabrics and natural breathability! The moisture wicking abilities keep the skin dry while still feeling lightweight and smooth - keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer!


Great for sensitive skin

GREAT for sensitive skin! 

You heard it hear first! Or maybe you didn't... Lyocell is an excellect choice for those out there with sensitive skin! Those wicking abilities we mentioned above make Lyocell PERFECT for people with sweating issues or for those with sensitive skin aggravated by moisture!


To sum it up?

Give it a go - you won't regret it!

Try the Next Level Lyocell Cami in Hushed Violet or Black Iris, the Full Brief in Hushed Violet or Black Iris or the Mid Rise Brief in Hushed Violet or Black Iris