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Guide to Self Love & Empowerment Through Lingerie!

It’s all about YOU!
How often do we say the L word to others, while not saying it to ourselves? 
Our bodies carry us every day - through thick and thin, and over ups and downs. Unwaveringly loyal, she deserves the big L word, she deserves BIGGER that the big L word! But saying the L word to ourselves and our bodies is a genuine battle - for all those years we’ve been taught that we’re too big or too small or the wrong shape, we now have to fight the feeling that we’re not good enough on a daily basis - despite desperately trying so hard to break the habit! And what better way to fight than reclaiming the space. Because, while lingerie may not have always been created to empower women, here in 2021 it’s all about how we feel when we’re wearing it! Embracing everything that makes us up, it’s time to wear lingerie for ourselves, feel confident and celebrate our bodies as they are!
Woman wearing black Bombshell bra
Boost your assets while boosting your confidence!
The Bombshell collection may adds two cup sizes to your bust and has helped to empower a number of our customers! Janette says "I’ve lacked self confidence with my body and have considered breast enlargement ... I now feel more confident and have ditched the surgery idea … It’s great to be able to finally feel like more of a woman ❤️” while Carla says the Bombshell Superboost Bra "does wonders for my self esteem [and] makes me feel more womanly"
Close up of After Dark red bra
There are no rules when pleasing yourself!
Getting to know yourself and your body is the first step toward loving every part of it! The After Dark collection is all about satisfaction - from night into day.
Woman showing back of her Brazilian underwear
Being cheeky never felt so good!
Inspired by the fearless, liberating women of Rio, the Brazilian collection is all about self-confidence, enhancing the curves and embracing the body in all of it’s beauty! 
Woman wearing Be Real lace bra and underwear
Everyday lingerie that doesn’t compromise!
While other lingerie may be for special occasions, the Be Real collection is all about beauty that doesn’t  compromise on comfort. Let’s call it loungerie! With Wire free or cushioned underwire bras, beautiful lace and cheeky cut underwear, Be Real is for everyday empowerment!
Woman wearing Curve It Up lacy bra
Embrace your Curves!
Having bigger boobs doesn’t mean you can’t wear beautiful lingerie! Our D+ collections, Curve It Up and Curves are here with the support you need and the look you want! Be bold, be bright, be cheeky, be proud and love every part of yourself! 
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