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How to wash your lingerie

Considering the devastating fact that we can rarely be bothered to follow the care instructions on our normal day-to-day clothing, it’s no surprise that dealing with delicate lingerie feels like another task that we can side-step with little consequence.

Those ‘Handle with Care’ instructions are just suggestions, right? Ba Bowww. Wrong, lady. How you clean and store your lingerie can make a huge difference in how long they last.

We’re calling time on mistreatment of our delicate underthings and urge you to do the same. Here are some of our best lingerie care tips to live by.

Don’t forget to wash

Your bras will be desperate for a wash after 5-7 wears. Keep a routine and this won’t seems so daunting.

Hand wash, please

Hand washing sounds like a pain but it’s actually pretty simple, and we’d certainly recommend it forKayser lingerie. Combine your like-coloured delicates in a sink of warm water, and add a delicate wash that’s specially formulated for lingerie. Swish around a few times, gently squeeze and then lay flat in a shady spot to dry.

If you must use a washing machine..

While not recommended, there are four important rules to follow when washing your delicates in a washing machine:  
1) Use a gentle cycle, with warm (never hot) water.
Put your delicates in a lingerie bag to ensure they don’t get snagged or twisted.
3) Use the same delicate lingerie wash you’d use to hand-wash.
4) Never, ever use the dryer!

Drawer store

Bras can be stored in a drawer, place them one behind each other – almost as if they were spooning. Keep the cups rounded and let them breathe.


It’s always recommended that you rotate your bras so that even you favourite piece gets some time off in-between wears. This allows all the stretchy materials to return to their original shapes. How often should you replace your bras? This depends on many factors… including the quality of the piece, how often you wear it, and how carefully you look after it.

Kayser xoxo