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Briefs, boylegs or bikinis - What's your perfect match?

From briefs, to boylegs, to bikinis – when it comes to Kayser Lingerie bottoms, we’re spoilt for choice!  Whether you base your purchase on comfort, loving the look, or a combination of both, we all have our favourite styles, but is one style better than another? And why would you wear one, and not the other?

While they’re all made to help us feel supported, fabulous and flirty, each offers its wearer something a little different, so here’s a brief breakdown of bottom styles (pardon the pun!):


Briefs are the essentials in any lingerie collection. Providing full coverage, they are the epitome of comfort in the underwear world, without compromising on style.

Full briefs and hi-cut briefs are two of the most popular variations, full briefs being a classic style, with all over full coverage and a slight high waist. Hi-cut briefs offer a similar full coverage, with a higher leg opening to emphasise the length of your legs.

These styles provide control, support and comfort like no other. 

We love: The Next Level Lyocell Mid Rise Brief & The Daily Essentials Stretch Lace & Cotton Full Brief

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Originally styled to feminise and mimic men’s boxer briefs, they have quickly taken over our lingerie drawer.

Defined by their longer legs openings and low rise waist, boyleg underwear gives women a flattering and cheeky alternative to briefs, elongating the torso and smoothing the hips.

Available in flirty lace, and cotton perfect for lounging in, Kayser has the solution to all of your boyleg needs. 

We love: The Pure Cotton Boyleg

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The bikini style of lingerie bottom has arguably become the most versatile option in lingerie bottoms. There are endless designs when it comes to bikinis – whether you’re on the hunt for a fun pattern, sexy lace, or some comfy cotton, the bikini has you covered.

Perfect for everyday wear, the bikini style sits at the hip, making it versatile for wear with low rise clothing. The cheeky cut will perk up your every step!

We Love: The Brazilian Bikini & The Pure Cotton Bikini

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