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"Super Boosting" Your Immune System


With the flu season well and truly in force, if you haven't already, it's time to get
cracking on "super boosting" you immune system! Here are 5 natural ways to
give you the lift you need. 

  1. Drink Lemon Water
    Everyone talks about that lemon water cleanse. Kim, Kylie, Gwenyth... and we  
    may roll our eyes (while also going out and buying 5kg of lemons) but fresh
    lemons are packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C, Potassium and Magnesium.
    Which means a lemon a day may actually keep the doctor away! Squeeze
    one into a glass of filtered water today to start boosting! 

    Group of lemons

  2. Get Your ZZZ's
    Don't ever underestimate the power of regular, full nights of sleep! A minimum
    of 7 hours a night can reduce stress, increase immunity as well as giving you
    the energy to stay fresh all day long. So don't sleep on it, and get some ZZZ's!
    Woman wearing bra in bed with covers pulled up to chest

  3. Fresh Ginger
    A hunk of fresh ginger can rid the body of toxins, fight infection, reduce
    inflammation and cleanse the colon so grate some fresh ginger into some
    green tea (which will also strengthen your natural immune defences) and sip away!
    Ginger and herbs
  4. Bone Broth
    When it comes to the immune system, so much can be traced back to gut
    health. And bone broth is one of the best things you can put into your gut to
    naturally repair and relax from the inside out. For our daily bone broth fix,
    we love Happy Mammoth Organic Bone Broth

    Hammy Mammoth Organic Bone Broth
  5. ArmaForce
    If you're time poor, there's one vitamin we can recommend that actually
    works and we can't go without! ArmaForce! (We have a singer in the office
    and she swears by them to stay fresh while touring) Take one a day during
    the flu season and if you feel the sickness coming on, increase your intake
    to 4-6 vitamins per day. This will either hold off the completely or severely
    decrease it's severity so you can keep moving on with your life.
    ArmaForce container and pills

  6. Super Boosting Bras
    If none of this works, and you find yourself feeling flat, don't ever underestimate
    the power of feeling good. Boost your confidence (and your cup size) with the
    Bombshell Super Boost Bra in either Black or Bare  and if you do get sick, you can at least fake it like you're not!
    Woman wearing black bra, holding puppy