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Camisoles – Underwear or Outerwear?

If you’ve ever owned a camisole, you’ll know that it’s the epitome of versatility. You can look fabulous in it at home, use it to make a flirty statement on a warm night, or even wear it under work clothes for extra warmth.

Camisoles have been a versatile staple in our wardrobes for as long as we can remember! Camisoles come in all shapes, sizes and fabrics, making this investment piece an essential in your fashion arsenal. 

Cotton camisoles

Cotton camisoles are great for layering your outfit, whether you pop it on under a sweater for extra warmth, or with a pair of jeans or skirt and cute jacket or cardigan on top! Staple cotton camisoles are an excellent way of adding an element of modesty, allowing you to take an evening outfit from the bar to the workplace. No matter the season or occasion, you'll find a place for this essential amongst your daily wear.

Check out the Pure Cotton V-Neck Cami in Black, White or Nude, or the Pure Cotton Wide Strap Cami in Black, White or Nude.


Lace trimmed camisoles

A flirtatious peek from underneath your clothes from a lace trimmed camisole is sure to make an impression. Worn as underwear, outerwear, and just about anything in between, the lace trimmed camisole is the perfect balance between feminine and practical. Pair a Kayser lace trimmed camisole underneath a low cut sweater or top, or tucked into an A-line skirt. Control camisoles are your secret weapon! Worn as a top, a control cami will hold and hug you in all of the right places, emphasising and smoothing your curves.

Check out the Daily Essentials Cotton & Lace Cami and the Helen Micro & Lace Cami!


What’s been your experience with camisoles? We’d love to hear it, comment below!

Kayser xoxo