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Blush No More Absorbency Knickers

 Blush No More by Kayser: A little pee never hurt anyone
Don't shy away from it! Here at Kayser, we want to remove the stigma surrounding the (surprisingly common) weak bladder! Whether you've just had a baby, pregnant or just can't seem to hold it in on a run, light leakage is nothing to blush about. 
"Blush No More" is the new collection of reusable absorbency undies that eliminate the need for daily pad usage. They look and feel like regular knickers with a clean, sleek silhouette and modern design. 
With everyones' attention turning to how we can reduce landfill and look after our planet, these knickers are a great alternative to the disposable panty liner.
There's no more need to blush because Blush No More knickers have got you covered!
 Low profile padding so you can move freely
Scared of the bulk? Not to worry! The Blush No More knickers feature low profile padding so you'll barely notice you're not wearing regular undies! Now you can live confidently and move freely in your daily activities while staying dry all day long.
 Absorbs 3 teaspoons of liquid

 1... 2... 3 teaspoons of pee! These super absorbent undies have got you covered! You won't feel wet, you won't feel heavy and you certainly wont get clumping like you would using a disposable pad. The best bit? They're reusable and machine washable so they'll save you money in the short term as well as saving the planet in the long term!
 3 layers of absorbency technology
Feeling like everyday undies, you'll stay dry all day long with three layers of absorbency technologies as well as a protective outer barrier. Layer 1 wicks moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate more easily, layer 2 absorbs excess liquid and layer 3 provides a pee-proof barrier for larger leaks. And that protective outer barrier? That's what keeps your new Blush No More Knickers looking like regular everyday undies!
 Light as a feather
The Blush No More knickers are made out of soft, lightweight brushed micro so you won't feel weighed down - even after an accident!
Leak proof, laugh proof, life proof
Approximately one third of women over 30 experience bladder leakage and the number doubles when talking about women who have gone through childbirth! That's a lot of wee to be contained! These knickers are leak proof, laugh proof, jump proof, sneeze proof, run proof.... practically life proof!
Laugh, run, jump, sneeze... we've got you covered
For the times you laugh a little too loud, run a little too fast, jump a little too high or sneeze a little too hard. There's no more need to blush because Blush No More have got you covered!
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