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Back to Bra School

From Alive to Very Smooth and everything in between, sometimes it seems impossible to know which lingerie is the best for you. Here is our A-Z guide to decoding lingerie lingo to help you to find just what you’re looking for.


Alive Collection

Alive is our newest collection of supersoft tshirt bras, wireless bras and briefs with ingenious gel-tech elastic. The Alive collection is available exclusively at Big W and Kayserlingerie.com.au.

After Dark Collection

For those sultry, elegant moments slip into After Dark, our sophisticated lingerie collection of bras, underwear and bodysuits adorned with delicate lace accents. Add a touch of elegance to your special lingerie moments.


Balconette Bra

A balconette bra is all about that low-cut neckline. Balconette bra straps typically sit further out on the shoulders offering a wide, square neckline which is what creates that natural lift while the structured cups usually include underwire for added support, make it an ideal choice for those with larger busts.

Ballet Back

A ballet back, also called a leotard back, refers to the shape where the straps meet the back of the bra. The ballet back forms a ‘U shape’ which enables the bra to lift your bust line by hugging the band more closely to the body.


The band anchors the bra to the body. It is attached to the side of the cups and typically fastens together with a hook and eye closure. The band is the most important part of the bra, offering majority of the support and lift. For a proper fit your band should be snug to your body, not loose and riding up on your back.


Not too cheeky, not too covered – the bikini strikes the perfect balance. With its low-rise fit and high-cut leg, bikini underwear offers a flattering fit that accentuates your curves while providing sufficient coverage.


The one-piece wonder that's like a hug for your curves! A bodysuit is a one-piece undergarment (that looks similar to a one-piece swimsuit) with the closure usually at the centre gusset. Kayser offers a bodysuit for all occasions, from everyday comfort like the Clean Cut Modal Bodysuit to special moments like the Brazilian Bodysuit.


bralette is a soft bra that has no underwire or structured cups. Bralettes are all about softness and style, offering a comfortable and stylish alternative to traditional bras with their wire-free design. Bralettes are also perfect for layering under sheer tops or low-cut dresses making them perfect for both lazy days or flirty nights.

Brazilian Collection

Bright and bold, the Kayser Brazilian collection is a must-have for all lingerie lovers. Featuring our signature Brazilian lace in a range of electric colours this lingerie collection makes a beautifully bold statement.

Be Free Collection

Discover the Kayser Be Free lace lingerie collection, where comfort, style and confidence intertwine. Designed with your every need in mind, this collection celebrates the beauty of being yourself, unapologetically and features our signature lace in range of colours.

Be Sweet Collection

Discover the dreamy designs of Kayser's Be Sweet lingerie collection. From delicate lace details to playful prints, each piece is thoughtfully made to make you feel beautiful from within and embrace the sweet moments of life.

Bombshell Collection

Bring out your inner Bombshell with Kayser's most bodacious lingerie collection yet! Made with smooth microfibre, the Bombshell Collection is all about feeling bold and empowered and features Extra Boost Bras and cheeky bikini briefs.


Brazilian knickers have more back coverage than a thong and less than a bikini. The style's coverage creates a "V" shape effect on the front and back of the body. The style is very sexy and is usually low-rise. Our iconic Brazilian Bikini is one of our best-sellers made using our signature Brazilian lace.


A brief is a traditional style of underwear with a medium to high rise and fuller back and side coverage. The waistband rests at or just below the belly button. Ideal for those seeking a little more coverage.


A babydoll is a short, sleeveless, loose-fitting nightgown. It sometimes has formed cups called a bralette for cleavage with an attached, loose-fitting skirt falling in length usually between the belly button and upper thigh. Our signature is the Kayser Brazilian Babydoll Chemise which features a delicate lace bra and a pleated mesh skirt.



A camisole is a top that is sleeveless, often with spaghetti straps and comes down to the hip. Camisoles can be worn as a layering piece or undershirt, peeking out of a blazer or even sometimes worn alone. Kayser camis range from everyday cotton basics to luxurious lace details.

Centre Gore

The centre gore is the fabric between the middle of the bra cups that determines a bra's support.  A lower centre gore works best for plunging necklines. The centre gore should lay flat against your chest when determining if a bra fits correctly. If the centre gore doesn't lay flat on the chest and creates a gap between the gore and your skin, try a cup size larger.


chemise is usually a sleeveless nightdress that is short, has thin straps, made from flowy materials and has lace detailing accented with additional trims or bows. The Brazilian Baby Doll Chemise is our best-seller and features our signature Brazilian lace.

Contour Bra

A contour bra has lightly foam lined or padded cups that hold their shape even when not being worn. These bras give a seamless and smooth shape. Contour bras are commonly called t-shirt bras or everyday bras.

Convertible Bra

A convertible bra can be worn many different ways through the use of detachable straps. Some of the ways of wear include criss-crossed or racer back, halter, one-shoulder or sometimes it can be worn completely strapless. Convertible bras are also called multi-way bras.

Crossed Straps

Crossed straps or criss-crossed straps, refers to the way that a convertible bra can be worn for specific tops or dresses. The straps of the bra cross diagonally across your back making an "X" shape. This allows you to wear your favourite racerback tops without your bra straps showing. Wearing your bras with crossed straps also gives you more lift and cleavage.


The cup of a bra is the fabric covering the breast. All bras have cups and are usually supported by an underwire. Cups are usually made one of two ways: either seamless or cut and sewn. They come in a variety of coverage levels: full coverage, medium coverage, demi or balconette. The cup is the letter portion of bra sizing. Example: Size 12C (C refers to the cup size).

Curves Collection

Our Curves and Curve It Up Collection is designed for those who want to look and feel amazing and features fuller-figure DD+ bras, lingerie and knickers like the Sabrina Balconette Bra and Lace Short.




Foam is often used for the inner lining of padded bras. Foam comes in many ranges of thickness depending on your desired effect. Lightly padded bras are great for t-shirt bras while a firmer, more padded bras give lift and support.

Full Busted

Full busted describes your bust shape, if the top part of your breast is as full and round as the bottom part of your breast.

Full Coverage Bra

A full coverage bra has the most coverage of all bras. There is little to no cleavage shown. A common mistake is the idea of full coverage bras are only for full busts however a full coverage bra works for all bust types. The term full coverage is commonly used when referring to t-shirt bras, full support bras, underwire bras and minimiser bras.

Fully Adjustable

The term fully adjustable refers to when the bra straps can be tightened or loosened to the fullest extent. There are no strap design details that prevent the slider from stopping halfway down the strap.



A gusset is a fabric liner inserted into underwear seams for breathability, shape improvement and reinforcement.

Gee string

A g-string (also called a thong) features minimal coverage with a thin strip of fabric running down the back and is attached to a very thin waistband that goes around the hips. A g-string is designed to prevent any visible panty lines under tight clothing.


Halter Neck

Halter neck refers to the way that a convertible bra can be worn for specific tops or dresses. A single strap connects to a bra loop found on the inside of one cup, goes around the back of the neck, and then the other side of the strap connects to the bra loop found on the inside of the other cup.


High-rise describes where the waistband of a knicker hits at the waist. A high-rise style is worn at the waist or just below the belly button and is usually found on more traditional styles of underwear such as a brief.

Hook and Eye

A hook and eye closure is what you'll find at the back of a bra and is comprised of metal hooks and loops which connect to each other, fastening the bra together. This allows for adjustable tightness and offers flexibility in fit and comfort. 



This is a design feature that creates an opening in the centre back or centre front panel of a garment. Styles like our cheeky Be Free Lace Brazilian Bikini feature at keyhole cutout at the back.



Lace is an ornately woven fabric made by interlacing and winding threads. The lace used in our lingerie is soft, delicate and oh-so-feminine; a must-have for any lingerie lover. Lace details feature in many of our designs, but we’re best known for our cult-favourite Brazilian collection which features our signature Brazilian lace in a range of electric colours and is available exclusively at Kayserlingerie.com.au.

Leotard Back

A leotard back, also called a ballet back, forms a "U" shape where the straps meet the back of the bra, providing lift and support. This shape enables the bra to securely lift your bust line by hugging the band more closely to the body. 


Low-rise describes where the waistband of a knicker hits at the waist. Low-rise styles are worn below the hip bone and are usually found on more modern styles such as thongs or our Pure Cotton Boylegs.



Mid-rise, or medium-rise, describes where the waistband of a knicker hits at the waist. A mid-rise style is worn at or just above the hip bone is usually found on more classic styles such as a bikini-style brief.


Microfibre is a fabric that is thin and very soft to the touch. Microfibre is known as a moisture wicking fabric, which pulls moisture away from the body to allow you to stay cool and dry. Microfibre is used in Kayser favourites like Daily Essentials and Clean Cut Modal.


Padded Bra

A padded bra refers to any bra style that has a formed shape, even when it is not on the body and are suitable for all bust types. Padding thickness varies from a very thin pad of a t-shirt bra to the thicker padding of a push-up bra. Our most padded bra is the double boost Bombshell Super Boost Bra that adds 2 sizes!

Plunge Bra

Plunge bras feature a deep V-front, providing great lift under low-plunging tops and dresses. Some plunge bras come with integrated or removable padding.

Push-Up Bra

Push-up bra cups are designed to lift and push the breasts upward to enhance their natural shape and boost cleavage. The amount of padding will affect how much bigger your breasts will look.

Pure Cotton Collection

Pure Cotton is the ultimate everyday comfort underwear collection. Made from luxurious super-soft 100% cotton, these lingerie basics have a smooth and natural feel on the body and will become a staple brief for years to come.


Seamless Cup Bra

Seamless cup bras like our best-selling Very Smooth One Piece Bra, have cups that are made of one single piece of fabric and are great for all bust types. The cups have no seams and offer shaping to provide a smooth look under most clothing types.

Shallow Bust

Shallow bust refers to breasts with more volume at the bottom than the top. As women age, we all lose elasticity in our breasts, which results in a shallow bust. This is also referred to as having relaxed breast tissue.

Straight Back

A straight back means that the band of the bra is designed completely horizontal on the body. There is no curvature where the straps meet the back band like in our Brazilian Push Up Bra. Straight back bras are found in all types of bras.

Strapless Bra

Strapless bras are designed to stay in place without the use of shoulder straps. They commonly have silicone strips on the inside of the band to keep the bra from sliding down. Strapless bras are worn under your favourite tops and dresses that bare your shoulders.



Thong panties have minimal back coverage, even less than a brazilian or tanga. The style gives a "T" shape effect. The style is very sexy and is usually low-rise. Thongs are a great option for a clean, seamless look underneath knit pants, or clingy bottoms, as they reduce the appearance of visible panty lines.

T-Shirt Bra

A t-shirt bra offers smooth, seamless cups that will show no lines under your everyday t-shirt. Most t-shirt bras prevent nipple show-through. T-shirt bras are great for all bust types. Also known as an everyday bra.

Total Comfort Collection

With unparalleled lightness and comfort, our Total Comfort collection of bras is a new way to experience freedom, with unrestrictive everyday bras for everyone. This collection of everyday comfy bras includes best-sellers like our Total Comfort Wirefree Bra.


Underwire Bras

Underwire bras offer a natural lift to shape and sculpt the breasts while providing support. We offer a wide range of underwire bras from balconette-styles to push-ups bras. There's no doubt, no matter what the occasion, you’ll find an underwire bra from Kayser will be an everyday favourite.


Very Smooth One Piece Bra

The Kayser Very Smooth One Piece Bra is our best-selling nude t-shirt bra and the ultimate lingerie companion! This bra has lightly padded, soft seamless cups and an ultra-smooth finish and is completely invisible under your clothing while adding the perfect push-up finish. Available in both Bare and Black.



The wing secures the bra to the body, attaching to the side of the cups and wrapping around the back, typically fastening with a hook and eye closure. To ensure a proper fit, the wings should fit snugly against your body and should not feel loose or ride up at the back.

Wireless Bra

Wireless bras provide support and shaping without the need for underwire. They're suitable for all bust types and are also referred to as soft-cup bras, wire-free bras or non-wire bras.


X-Back Bra

Also known as a racerback bra, this style has straps that cross in the back to form an "X" shape. X-back bras provide additional support and are great for wearing under tank tops or sleeveless dresses.



In lingerie, a yoke is a horizontal panel that is often found on the front or back of a garment. It adds structure and can be decorative, found in camisoles, chemises, and some bras.


Zigzag Stitch

A sewing technique used in lingerie to create stretchy seams and edges. This stitch is often found in bras and panties to provide flexibility and comfort while maintaining durability.