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5 signs you need to refresh your lingerie drawer – don’t ignore these red flags

Are you feeling uncomfortable and unconfident in yourundergarments lately? It might be time to update your lingerie drawer! Here are five signs that you need to refresh your collection: 

1. Your bra is letting you down  

Do you find yourself constantly adjusting your bra throughout the day? If the straps are stretched out and the band is loose, it's time to move on. Not only is an unsupportive bra uncomfortable, but it can also cause back pain and poor posture. 

2. You feel its fading 
Are your white bras and underwear now a murky grey? It's time to let them go! Overwashing, mixing colours, putting them in the dryer (don’t do it!) and stains can cause discoloration that won't come out no matter how many times you wash them. Treat yourself to a fresh set of whites or try a new colour. 

3. You’re at a loose end 
Does your bras or underwear have loose threads and elastics that don't hold up? Or are there little balls of fabric (pilling) that won't go away? It's time to throw them out and get new ones. Worn-out underwear can be uncomfortable and irritating. 

4. A different occasion needs a different fit and different lingerie 
Are you tired of wearing the same old underwear for every occasion? It's time to invest in different types of underwear for different activities. Get some comfortable and breathable cotton underwear for lounging, seamless underwear for work, and maybe even some lingerie for special occasions. 

5. It's not them, it’s you 
Has your body changed recently, and your underwear no longer fits properly? Or maybe your taste in what kind of cut you like is just different now. It's important to get the right fit for both comfort and appearance. Ill-fitting underwear can cause discomfort and visible lines under your clothes (no one wants that). Plus, wearing the right size or a different cut can make you feel confident and sexy. 

In conclusion, updating your underwear drawer is not only necessary for hygiene, but it can also boost your confidence and comfort. Remember to replace your bras when they lose their support, toss discoloured and worn-out items, and invest in different types of underwear for different occasions. And don't forget to get the right size for your body and style - it can make all the difference! 

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