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Face Of Kayser Finalists Announced!

Face Of Kayser Finalists Announced!

Introducing the Top 10 #BodyLoveChallenge entries

Face Of Kayser Finalists Announced!

We challenged YOU, our awesome customers, to take on the #BodyLoveChallenge and become the next Face of Kayser Lingerie. And we can now announce our Top 10 Finalists! 

We were overwhelmed with amazing entries, so a HUGE thank you to everyone who took part. The whole concept of this challenge was to encourage women to love their bodies and challenge traditional beauty norms. And we think our top 10 finalists summed this up nicely.

Help us decide the winner by following Kayser Lingerie on Instagram and voting in our Insta Stories next Monday 15th October.  

A panel of judges from Kayser Lingerie, Babe Australia, Jak Organics, i=Change and Big W will then decide the winner.


Sarah Whiting - @sarahthepalepinup

Sarah Whiting - Face Of Kayser entrant - IMAGE - Kayser Lingerie

"To me the#bodylovechallenge means so much more than my outer appearance. It’s an attitude and a journey. 💕

It’s called a challenge for a reason, the path to body love isn’t always straight and smooth. Some days I feel so blah about my body, but it’s important not to beat myself up about it either. I try to do little things in my day that make me feel great and confident, whether it’s nice makeup, eating a delish meal or wearing cute lingerie. 👙

Our bodies are ALL amazing and beautiful regardless of size, shape, colour, age or ability!"


Tayla Whalley -@tayla.whalley

Tayla Whalley - Face Of Kayser - Kayser Lingerie 

"My first instinct has always been to critique. Growing up, I have learnt the importance of appreciating and loving the person in the mirror unconditionally. Taking part in the#bodylovechallenge to me is about being real, honest and most importantly embracing myself. The only person who we know for a fact will be with us forever is ourselves. It may sound scary, but it can also be freeing! I embrace my uniqueness and don’t feel the pressure to work off all the treats I had to attempt to feel confident. Always have hope in the big picture to carry you through the struggles and the hard times so you can embrace the good. When you know yourself, you’re empowered. When you accept yourself, you’re invincible. Be raw but most importantly be yourself and don’t compare because there isn’t anyone the same as you! 🙌🏻❤️#kayserlingerie #bodylovechallenge#bodylove"



Misha Karipidis -@blondebedhair

 Misha Karipidis - Face Of Kayser competition - Finalist - Image - Kayser Lingerie

"The body love challenge to me is about being the best possible version of myself.It’s about setting realistic goals & standards and not being too hard on myself. Loving me for what my body has achieved and only competing against myself.

Appreciating our unique individual body, mind, experiences, achievements and what we are yet still capable of.

As a mother of 2 I’ve realised that life is about finding the correct balance, keeping fit but on my own terms, not rushing for perfection but striving for realistic healthy (curvy) body goals.

This picture: Loving my body in@kayser_lingerie for making me feel beautiful and because I gave birth to 2 beautiful daughters. I stand in awe at what the female body is capable of achieving.#bodylovechallenge Her smiles make me melt 😍#thisismotherhood #newbornsmiles"


Ashleigh Atkins -@ashleighatkinsmodel

 Ashleigh Atkins - Face Of Kayser Competition - Image - Kayser Lingerie

"To me the#bodylovechallenge means embracing my body at every stage of my life, learning self love and building on confidence! Loving my body means learning to be okay with it from every angle. Even at my fittest I had rolls when I sat down, I used to spend my time focusing on the idea that if I never had any rolls I would finally be happy and people might like me more... what kind of [messed] up idea is that?! I’m loveable and worthy at any size, at any age, with or without rolls."


Candace -@eyecandy_fitness

 Candace - Face Of Kayser Finalist - Image - Kayser Lingerie

"Appreciating and accepting my body through all seasons is what the#BodyLoveChallenge means to me through weight gain or weightloss, illness or health, a hardcore HIIT class or a meditative Yin. My body takes me every step of the way and for that I'll forever admire every single version of it🦋"



Cate -@catesgotcurves

Cate - @catesgotcurves - Face Of Kayser Finalist - Image - Kayser Lingerie

"I'm taking on the@kayser_lingerie #BodyLoveChallenge .

Why? There are many reasons why I made the decision to start loving my body exactly as it is, but the main reason is for my daughter. I know what it's like to grow up with constant anxiety because you feel worthless, because you think your body isn't good enough and that it's the only thing you can possibly be valued for. And I don't want that for my daughter. So I'm setting this example. I want her to love her body for its uniqueness but also know that it is just one small part of who she is."  


Jess -@adressbyjess

Jess - Face Of Kayser - Image - Kayser Lingerie

"Brace yourselves!

I’m doing the Face of Kayser#BodyLoveChallenge because our bodies are a GIFT 💝

Took me three decades to understand that. .

I grew up at time when curvy wasn’t cool.

When bra sizes over DD were unheard of - or meant wearing ill-fitting white potato sacks.

When showing any kind of self pride/love meant you were ‘up-yourself’. .

Well no more! The years of hating, criticising, scrutinising, loathing, mistreating and shame are over! . .

I hope all girls and women - especially the ones from my generation (you know who you are 😉) can#loveyourbod and yourself"


Kaya -@hellohealthyday

 Kaya - Face Of Kayser Competition - Finalist - Kayser Lingerie

"As a mother my mission is to empower women all around the world of all ages with confidence and to be body positive, and to support other women! I know sometimes it can be very easy to forget about our internal health, and just become fixated on looking good aesthetically. I want to change this negative mindset and encourage women to start focusing on their overall wellbeing. I believe to be healthy and happy we need to focus on self-love by nourishing our mind, body and soul. Healthy food and being active is a good start to nourish and nurture every cell in our bodies. I want to empower women to love themselves for who they are, and treat our bodies with kindness and love 💖"


Kasey -@kasey.rainbow

Kasey - Face Of Kayser Finalist - Image - Kayser Lingerie 

Ladies... If someone asked you. “What do you love most about your body?”What would you say?

Sadly. The answer for most women. Is typically. “Nothing. Why? Why do we find it so easy to say... “Oh I love her hair!” “Her legs are amazing!” “Did you SEE those boobs!?”

Yet. When it is ourselves. There is only silence. Whether it be. Fear of judgement. Or vanity. Or just that you honestly. Can not find a single nice thing. To say about yourself. It needs to change.

That silence. Needs to be shattered. That stigma. Needs to be addressed. That self love. Needs to happen. Ladies. Do not sit in silence. Do not believe your mind. When it tells you. There is nothing good. Because believe me. There is something great In each.

And every. One of us. So. Be proud. And shout it loud!✌🏼 Wearing@kayser_lingerie for the#bodylovechallenge P.S. I love my smile.


Amy Willows -@willowcurves

Willow - Face Of Kayser Finalist - Image - Kayser Lingerie

"To me body love means being gentle with yourself and taking time out to recharge. Body love reinforces that we are all worthy, every body and everybody is beautiful deserves to be cherished. Doing small things like taking a quiet still moment to reflect can help you reconnect and recharge.

Body love to me means wearing things that make me feel good and that share my personality. To me body love means living your life without waiting for a flat tummy, or to be a smaller size, or what ever other thing is holding you back. Body love is recognizing all the great things about your body."


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