Best Underwear Fabric for Women

Best Underwear Fabric for Women

Choosing the right underwear fabric for your body and situation is imperative to ensure both comfort and breathability. We wear underwear every day, so if your underwear doesn’t fit properly, clings or doesn’t breathe, you will be uncomfortable all the time! The key is to update your underwear collection frequently and choose fabrics that are natural and soft, definitely nothing scratchy or that doesn’t breathe properly. So what’s the difference between all the underwear fabrics out there? And what material is best for everyday, special occasions or exercising? Below we’ve outlined some of the most common underwear fabrics and their features and benefits.


This is one of the most popular types of fabric for underwear. It is a fine, synthetic fibre generally created from a combination of polyesters and polymides. Microfibre briefs offer some stretch and give, are breathable and easy to wash. This fabric is commonly used for everyday wear and exercising.

Best Underwear Fabric for Women


Cotton is another popular type of fabric used for underwear, as it made almost entirely from natural materials. It has the ability to stay cool and is extremely breathable, keeping you comfortable all day. However cotton briefs are not ideal for exercising as they absorb moisture, such as sweat and do not dry quickly. Therefore despite being breathable they tend to hold moisture throughout the day which can be unhygienic.

Best Underwear Fabric for Women 


Lace underwear is often made from synthetic materials, full of openings that either create a stylish lace design or a mesh design similar to a net. Generally they use lace or mesh in underwear for a sensual, athletic or dainty appearance. These briefs almost always have cotton inserts for comfort and hygiene reasons, but are still not ideal for everyday wear. They have the potential to scratch the skin and become uncomfortable and therefore are more suitable for special occasions.

Best Underwear Fabric for Women


This blended fabric was originally created as a synthetic replacement for silk after World War 2. Today, it is another commonly used fabric for underwear, offering both comfort and style. Nylon underwear is easy to care for, however it is not a natural fabric so the breathe-ability of the material is lacking.


Silk is another natural fabric like cotton, which means it is breathable and comfortable to wear. It does have a much greater price point and therefore is usually only worn for special occasions as it adds a bit of luxury to your everyday underwear. However, silk underwear is blended with other materials to create stretch, so be wary of how high the percentage of silk is actually in the fabric, you can check this percentage by reading the fine print on the label. Silk underwear can also be difficult to care for as they always need to be hand washed.

We hope that this information will help you chose the most comfortable underwear for your body and needs. Blends are often a great choice as they support, contour and are breathable at the same time. So head to your underwear drawer, and dig out all your old underwear, its time to restock and with the right materials, that will be healthier for your skin, breathable and so much more comfortable!